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Rip up those nasty old floors to expose the beautiful concrete underneath

In years past, people would cover up concrete with other types of flooring. Now, the world is rediscovering that polished concrete is a beautiful, practical, and eco-logically sustainable surface. More and more people want to tear out the tired old tiles, carpets and vinyl, and walk around on uncovered concrete.

However, when undertaken by the unskilled or inexperienced, floor removal can damage the concrete underneath. At Policrete, we have the right tools and experience to remove your old floor while keeping the underlying concrete in the best condition possible.

Why choose Policrete for tile, vinyl and carpet removal?

  • The right tools and equipment
  • No damage to your concrete floors
  • Improve the aesthetic
  • Prompt, efficient work

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Why choose Policrete?


High quality

We use the best tools for the job



We have a no-structural crack guarantee for our poured concrete



Our team knows concrete pouring inside and out



Outstanding craftsmanship that won’t break the bank



Concrete is energy efficient and environmentally friendly


The best in
the business

Policrete is the concrete flooring experts


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“Awesome job and even better to deal with!”

Vikki Froutzis

"So glad we found you guys! Awesome work, great communication. We are really happy with the results. Thanks"

Leigh Rowe

"Used these guys to do our warehouse kitchen bar! Awesome job and even better to deal with!"

Ken Cronin

"Fabulous job! Our concrete floor has never looked so good."

Paul Warner

"Your customer-based focus and professionalism is enduring and admiring. You have surrounded yourself with other great sales people, polishers, carpenters, and concreters that know and love their craft."

John Smith

"Experts in their field."

Khristine Lopez

"Very accommodating and expert team! Fantastic quality of work. Highly recommended."

Policrete: The concrete experts


Policrete is the only full-service team of concrete specialists in Australia. We can rip out your tired old floors, and restore the beautiful concrete underneath with a polish and seal. We can cover the whole job in-house, from the free quote and the first consultation, until you’re perfectly satisfied.

We have the best equipment and specialists in the industry. Whether you’re sprucing up your home, an investment property, or a commercial enterprise, we can help. Check out more of our work, and see for yourself how we can deliver the highest quality work at affordable prices.



Frequently asked questions

We may be able to polish the concrete that lies hidden underneath your vinyl, carpet or tile floor. It will depend on the quality of the carpet — whether it has been chipped or damaged, or poured correctly in the first place.

Our team is equipped with all the right tools and expertise to remove your old floor, and leave the concrete underneath in the best condition possible.

Polished concrete is a classic, ageless surface. Unlike carpets, it will not stain. Polished concrete is also easy to maintain, extremely durable, sanitary, and cost effective.

Our team can remove your old floors quickly and economically. The cost for removing vinyl, carpet or tile will depend on a number of different factors — like the type of material and the size of the job — but our prices are always competitive. If you give us some details about the job you’d like us to do, we can supply you with a free quote.

A complimentary quote

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