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Flooring solutions for restaurants and bars

Having the right flooring is vital for a hospitality business. In an industry where spills and foot traffic present high impact risks, getting a floor that is easy to maintain and clean is an absolute must. And then, of course, there are the aesthetic dimensions; a tavern or eatery that looks great is far more likely to attract customers.

At Policrete, we provide perfect polished concrete floors for all sorts of businesses, including restaurants and bars. These floors — which look great, are affordably priced, and are easy to clean — are the obvious choice for restaurants and bars.

Whether you’re after a new floor or want us to improve your existing slab and make it better-than-new quality, we can help. With a range of different finishes on offer, you can customise the look of the floor to the tastes of your clientele.

Why choose polished concrete floors for restaurants and cafes?

  • Resistant to spills and slippage
  • Versatile, durable surfaces
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Extremely affordable
  • Good for the environment
  • Quick to install

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Why Policrete is the best in the business


The right equipment
for the job

With industry-leading Husqvarna concrete saws and grinders, we’ll get the job done right.



We only hire and retain the best concrete specialists in the business.



The best floors for your business shouldn’t cost the earth.


Strict timelines
and budgets

We work quickly and efficiently, so we don’t let the timeline or the budget blow out.



Concrete floors are the smart option for lowering your heating and lighting bills.


Driven by

We’re passionate about what we do, and we always strive for improvement.

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“Will 100% use again”

Antonietta Basile

"Our job did not turn out to be as straight forward as it initially appeared given the age of the concrete. The team went above and beyond to ensure our floors were the best they could be. The boys were professional, reliable and showed the greatest integrity for their work."

Anais O Toole

"Communication from start to finish was exceptional. Out of all the contractors on our current build, these guys would be at the top of our list for "over-perform" which is so rare these days."

Luke Keane

"Couldn't ask for a better quality job. This company made a difficult job look easy and the results were second to none. They were efficient and effective workers who were punctual and professional. Very easy going and able to go above and beyond expectations."

Kirsty Owen

"Policrete offered great service from the beginning — even when I made changes to the start date. Excellent communication whilst completing the job and kept me updated. Great to deal with a company that was efficient and delivered an excellent end result. Thanks!"

Khristine Lopez

"Very accommodating and expert team! Fantastic quality of work. Highly recommended."

For all sorts of restaurants and bars,
Policrete are the flooring experts

The hospitality business isn’t easy; there’s lots of competition, and if you want to stay on top you have to be the best at what you do. It’s the same with polished concrete floors. Policrete is Melbourne’s top polished concrete company because we work with the best, use the best materials, and always deliver quality work.

See how we can help by perusing our showroom. We can revamp your bar or cafe with a glorious new polished concrete floor, or improve what you already have with a grind and seal. Contact our friendly team to see how we can help.


Frequently asked questions

When figuring out the costs for floors in hospitality, many different factors are at play. For example, we consider things like:

  • The size and difficulty of the job
  • Any complexities presented by the space
  • The preexisting condition of the site
  • The finish and grind level you’ve selected

To ensure we quote you the lowest possible amount, we’ll seek to ascertain as much information as possible about the job. Then, we can send you a detailed quote that has explanations for the costs and lead times, helping you to make an informed choice.

The right kind of floor for a hospitality venture will depend on the nature of the establishment. However, certain elements are unchanging, no matter the business. For example, kitchens must be kept clean despite a propensity for spills, and they have to be cleaned quickly so as not to hold up service.

For high traffic areas that need to be spill-resistant and easily cleanable, polished concrete is a perfect solution. Depending on the state of your property and the business you have in mind, the right option might be grinding and sealing your preexisting concrete, laying a thin slab over the top of what you have, or having a brand new slab poured.

We know that turnaround times are especially important in hospitality, where costs remain high even when business is closed. We’ll draw up an exact timeline for your business, and do the job as swiftly as possible. Get in touch with our team to find out how long your flooring solution will take.

Let’s discuss your project

The more information you provide, the more specific we can be with an accurate quote and timeline.

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