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Polished concrete is a hard wearing floor. It’s easy to maintain, easy to clean, and it’s stylish. That’s why so many of our clients choose polished concrete flooring for their residential, commercial, or industrial projects.

It’s resistant to industrial chemicals, oils, food stains, greases, and fatty materials, so it’s very easy to clean. And, thanks to its reflective quality, it bounces light around a room, making it appear lighter and brighter.

We can mechanically polish concrete, grind and seal concrete, and add a range of gloss finishes. Let us know the purpose of the project, and we’ll suggest the most cost-effective finish.

Why are polished concrete floors better?

  • Resistant to wear and stains
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean
  • Improve natural lighting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient — save on energy bills
  • Durable

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We guarantee that your flooring won’t crack in the years to come.



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Polished concrete is a thermal mass material.


Years of

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“Their professionalism throughout the project was some of the best kind I’ve experienced”

Paul Warner

It’s a credit to Marcos and Paul, the position they are in today from their vision, determination, hard work and passion. Your customer-based focus and professionalism is enduring and admiring.

Benjamin Bese

"The quality of the floor was excellent in every aspect, from the grinding to polishing. The service was fantastic, and the Policrete crew was on time every day. I would highly recommend Policrete."

Rebecca McEwan

"Marcos and his team came at the beginning of this month to polish up our concrete from a 7.5-year-old slab. Not disappointed at all — absolutely love it. Service and communication was amazing, and the finished product we are loving — it's given our whole house a new vibe.

Kirsty Owen

"Policrete offered great service from the beginning — even when I made changes to the start date. Excellent communication whilst completing the job and kept me updated. Great to deal with a company that was efficient and delivered a excellent end result."

Christine Steel

"Called Marcos after being stood up by 2 other companies, he turned up on time, quoted on the spot and when the job was booked in turned up exactly when they said and very happy with their work on an old slab and now looks fabulous."

Benjamin Bese

" The service was fantastic, and the Policrete crew was on time every day. I would highly recommend Policrete."

Dale Richards

"The floor has come up brilliantly, and their professionalism throughout the project was some of the best I've experienced. Due to my store being situated in a shopping centre, most of the works had to be conducted outside usual business hours and Policrete accommodated for this and were very flexible."

Policrete: grounded in success


Policrete has been working with homeowners, shopfitters, architects, and commercial builders since the company formed in 2009.

Thanks to a background in construction, industry leading Husqvarna machinery — as well as a dedication to continually upskilling and conducting research and development — Policrete has rapidly become a trusted polished concrete flooring specialist.

You can see examples of our beautiful concrete floor finishes in one of our showrooms. Or, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll give you advice on the most cost effective solution for your project.



Frequently asked questions

Depending on what job we perform, most services for under 100m² can be done in 2-4 days. As a general rule of thumb, add another 2 days per 100m² on top of that to get an idea of how long the job may take. For an accurate and detailed quote, however, get in touch with us.

Yes! We’ll assess the level of damage to the concrete. Then we’ll either mechanically polish the slab, or grind and seal it. If there’s only a small section that is damaged, we may suggest re-finishing the entire area. Otherwise, the concrete will appear uneven.

We take into account things like:

Then we’ll factor in the location, time of year, and which hours we can perform the job in.

  • Which finish you have chosen
  • How big the job is (in m²)
  • Complexity of work required

Yes! It’s very low maintenance. Any neutral PH cleaner works to clean polished concrete. And, if it’s installed correctly, the surface won’t collect a lot of dirt or dust.

Generally speaking, yes. And if we can’t match the exact shade, we can get the colour as close as possible. We can do this by staining the concrete once we’ve finished grinding. Sometimes, the colour is altered by the final finish used to seal the floor. But, have a chat with us and we’ll be able to advise you on which floors finishes will colour match with your existing slab.

You’ll just need to wait around 48 hours before your floor will be ready for foot traffic.

Let’s talk about the details

Please provide as much detail about your project as possible. This way, we can give
you an accurate quote and work out what the next steps are.

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