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Floor preparation: laying the groundwork

Although they look smooth to the naked eye, brand new concrete slabs are never completely flat. If you have just installed concrete as a foundation for other coverings, you’re going to need floor preparation. Following our meticulous process, your new surface will be perfect for the next stage of installation.

Concrete floor preparation performs a range of functions. Firstly, it is a great way to remove any mess and debris left by other tradespeople, including plasterers and painters. Concrete surface preparation also removes the high and low points that naturally occur in the concrete pouring process. Having a completely flat and even surface allows for other flooring methods — like tiling, carpet, and floorboards — to more easily adhere to the concrete.

What makes concrete floor preparation so essential?

  • Ensures a flat surface
  • Surface is clean and ready for new flooring
  • Reduces future quality issues with laid flooring
  • Rectifies holes. cracks and flooring irregularities

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“The floor has come up brilliantly”

Benjamin Bese

"The quality of the floor was excellent in every aspect, from the grinding to polishing. The service was fantastic, and the Policrete crew was on time every day. I would highly recommend Policrete."

Kirsty Owen

"Policrete offered great service from the beginning — even when I made changes to the start date. Excellent communication whilst completing the job and kept me updated. Great to deal with a company that was efficient and delivered a excellent end result."

Aleisha Jane Littler

"The team at Policrete created a beautiful reception benchtop for our salon. My boss wanted crystals scattered throughout the bench, the results are fantastic! Very impressive work."

Leigh Rowe

"Used these guys to do our warehouse kitchen bar! Awesome job and even better to deal with!"

Paul Warner

"Your customer-based focus and professionalism is enduring and admiring. You have surrounded yourself with other great sales people, polishers, carpenters, and concreters that know and love their craft."

Dale Richards

"The floor has come up brilliantly, and their professionalism throughout the project was some of the best I've experienced. Due to my store being situated in a shopping centre, most of the works had to be conducted outside usual business hours and Policrete accommodated for this and were very flexible."

Policrete: paving the way


As Australia’s premier concrete flooring specialists, we have worked with some of the country’s most well known businesses across a wide variety of industries. To complete your job, we employ a team of concreting specialists, backed by leading techniques and cutting edge technology, all geared towards getting the best possible results for you.

When we work with you, we work together to set high standards, and we always achieve them. Our large fleet of specially-fitted trucks allows us to take your job from start to finish, with no gaps or cracks. In fact, we are the only Australian company that can make that claim. We want to work with you to make your dream project a concrete reality.



Frequently asked questions

Consider floor preparation as the final safeguard in floor projects. Whether you are applying concrete veneers, tiles, carpet, or floorboards, the surface needs to be absolutely perfect for proper adherence.

This process performs many other functions, including:

  • Ensuring that the concrete is structurally sound
  • Patching holes and gaps in the concrete
  • Cleaning the floor of debris, dirt, and dust
  • Promoting a completely level floor

The exact process will differ for each job based on the floor and desired outcome. However, there are two distinct types of floor preparation processes that we use to get the best results.

Grinding is the process of using high powered equipment to literally grind away surface imperfections, leaving a flat and smooth surface, ready for the next layer.

Shot-blasting blasts high velocity equipment against the substrate, leaving behind the perfect surface for other materials like vinyl, carpet, and epoxy to adhere to.

At Policrete, we follow this basic process to get your concrete floor grinding job underway:

  1. Contact us and let us know about your project
  2. We’ll assess your site and tell you what we think is best
  3. We’ll work with you to produce a quote and timeframe
  4. Our team will get to work preparing your new floor
  5. You can inspect our job and admire its perfection

No. The process is likely to differ depending on the final outcome you want for your flooring. For instance, floor preparation and grinding for the installation of carpet will be different to the process required for laying terrazzo tiling.

Thankfully, Policrete offers a range of services in this segment, including floor preparation for:

  • Epoxy finishes
  • Laminate flooring
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Underfloor heating

No job is the same, and we don’t give blanket costs. It’s best to get in touch with Policrete for an accurate quote. Costs vary based on a range of factors, including:

  • Type of flooring
  • Surface area
  • Job site challenges

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