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Cost effective hydronic heating

Hydronic slab heating is the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, and pleasant way to warm your home or commercial venue. It’s incredibly energy-efficient because concrete easily absorbs and retains heat. As the hot water flows through the internal pipes within the slab, heat spreads out across the entire floor area and radiates into the room above. It’s ideal for living areas, kitchens, and commercial offices.

At Policrete, we have a specialist team, the best equipment, and the highest quality materials to ensure your project is a complete success. Speak with one of our experts about your project, and we’ll find the most affordable and robust solution possible — from pour to polish.

Why are hydronic heating slabs the smart choice?

  • Energy-efficient
  • Durable
  • Visually stunning
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly affordable
  • Eco-friendly

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“Their professionalism throughout the project was some of the best kind I’ve experienced”

Robert William Poole

Great job on our offices in Collingwood thanks boys! Easy to deal with and brought the 100+ year old floor back to life. Well done.

Aleisha Jane Littler

"The team at Policrete created a beautiful reception benchtop for our salon. My boss wanted crystals scattered throughout the bench, the results are fantastic! Very impressive work."

Leigh Rowe

"Used these guys to do our warehouse kitchen bar! Awesome job and even better to deal with!"

Ken Cronin

"Fabulous job! Our concrete floor has never looked so good."

Dale Richards

"The floor has come up brilliantly, and their professionalism throughout the project was some of the best I've experienced. Due to my store being situated in a shopping centre, most of the works had to be conducted outside usual business hours and Policrete accommodated for this and were very flexible."

What makes Policrete industry leaders?


Policrete has grown rapidly since inception. Already recognised as concrete specialists in the industry, Paul and Marcos grew the company by delivering stellar concrete services to every client, hiring the most talented concreters, building a large fleet of purpose fitted concrete trucks, and continually investing in the best equipment.

Whether you’re a business, builder, or homeowner, you can leverage our high quality concreting services to complete your project. We offer a wide range of concrete services, including Terrazzo Tiles, Concrete Veneer, and Epoxy Flooring. We ensure your project is on-time, on-budget, and completed to the highest standards in the industry.



Frequently asked questions

As a high thermal mass material, concrete absorbs and retains heat. It’s perfect for hydronic heating. As the hot water flows through the heating system, the heat is easily transferred to the concrete and releases heat across the entire floor area. This gives you a lovely warm floor that radiates heat through your entire home or workspace.

Hydronic heating transforms your concrete slab into a radiant heater, slowly warming your entire property. Pipes are laid inside the concrete slab so hot water can run through them. As concrete absorbs and retains heat, warmth spread across the entire concrete slab and into your property. Concrete’s ability to retain heat makes it incredibly energy efficient and cost effective. This makes hydronic slab heating ideal for large living or working areas, such as office spaces, homes, and stores.

We have a team of concrete flooring specialists, a fleet of custom-fitted trucks, the best equipment, and access to the highest quality materials. As such, we provide full-service concrete flooring—from pouring to polishing.

We offer a complete four-step process:

  1. Pour the foundational slab. 
  2. Lay the hydronic heating system in place. 
  3. Finish pouring the infill slab over the top.
  4. Polish the top layer of decorative concrete.  

Absolutely. Many commercial properties don’t require hydronic heating, such as retail outlets, commercial kitchens, or warehouses. We offer a complete service, from pouring the infill slab to polish services.

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