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Tasteful and versatile terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo tiles look as tasteful as pure stone, yet are only a fraction of the price. Made by embedding marble, quartz, granite, or other materials into a cement binder before it is ground and polished, you can select from a wide variety of colours and styles. Still, greater versatility lies in their applications.

While terrazzo tiles are incredibly durable, they are 50% lighter than other tiling materials. This makes them ideal for multi-story office buildings where minimising weight is important. Furthermore, as they’re water-proof once sealed, they’re a popular choice for commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. With so many unique styles and applications available, terrazzo flooring is a popular choice amongst architects looking to make their project stand out.

What makes terrazzo tiles such great value?

  • Cost-effective
  • Variety of choices
  • Customisable
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Exquisite texture

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“Their professionalism throughout the project was some of the best kind I’ve experienced”

Benjamin Bese

"The quality of the floor was excellent in every aspect, from the grinding to polishing. The service was fantastic, and the Policrete crew was on time every day. I would highly recommend Policrete."

Kirsty Owen

"Policrete offered great service from the beginning — even when I made changes to the start date. Excellent communication whilst completing the job and kept me updated. Great to deal with a company that was efficient and delivered a excellent end result."

Paul Warner

"Your customer-based focus and professionalism is enduring and admiring. You have surrounded yourself with other great sales people, polishers, carpenters, and concreters that know and love their craft."

Aleisha Jane Littler

"The team at Policrete created a beautiful reception benchtop for our salon. My boss wanted crystals scattered throughout the bench, the results are fantastic! Very impressive work."

Leigh Rowe

"Used these guys to do our warehouse kitchen bar! Awesome job and even better to deal with!"

Dale Richards

"The floor has come up brilliantly, and their professionalism throughout the project was some of the best I've experienced. Due to my store being situated in a shopping centre, most of the works had to be conducted outside usual business hours and Policrete accommodated for this and were very flexible."

Policrete is the industry leader


Policrete has successfully completed projects for many of Australia’s premier companies across a wide range of industries. We have an experienced team of specialists, only use the highest quality equipment, and command a large fleet of purpose-fitted trucks — all ready to complete your project.

We ensure that every part of the process is completed to our meticulous standards and your complete satisfaction. In fact, we’re the only Australian company to provide a specialist concrete service from start to finish. With our team diligently working to achieve your goals, your project will be completed hassle-free and to the highest quality.



Frequently asked questions

Definitely. Terrazzo tiles are one of the most cost-effective flooring options available. As they use an aggregate mixed in with a concrete blend, it’s much more affordable than cutting a single piece of expensive stone, such as marble. Furthermore, terrazzo tiles weigh less than alternative flooring options, making it quicker and easier to install—further reducing costs.

Yes. This is a key feature of terrazzo flooring and why it is so popular among leading architects. You can select from a range of colours, thicknesses, and aggregates. The range of available aggregates include:

  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Glass
  • Granite

Policrete is the only company in Australia to provide complete concreting services from start to finish. Our expert teams are there when we first pour your concrete, and we’ll be there with cutting-edge equipment polishing your terrazzo flooring. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality concrete services across a wide range of industries across Australia. If you want to work with the industry leaders, gather your project details and get in touch.

Terrazzo is a composite material. You can get terrazzo tiles, have it precast, or poured in place by our expert team. Terrazzo flooring uses an aggregate like marble, granite, or quartz and mixes it with a cement binder. It creates a smooth, robust, stylish, and long-lasting floor.

While terrazzo flooring can be traced back to ancient Egypt, it gained prominence in Italy from the 15th century. Initially, it was used as flooring for terraces in Italy’s grandest estates and palaces. As you may have guessed, ‘terrazzo’ is Italian for terrace.

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